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Zkteco software download

23.10.2020 Zkteco software download

ZKtime 5. ZKTime 5. IT specialists, IT desk managers can be faster with this software including running multiple devices, handling data transfers, attendance logs and highly flexible reporting sections.

ZKTeco time attendance terminal can help you bring your personnel logs for reporting features. You dont pay for the software you use. Simple data transfer section, automatically used features and faster data moving is important. As you know, personnel attendance needs to be tracked down to further analysis of your work force. We are at ZKSoftware zktime 5. Time attendance automation brings companies fully customisable check in and check out features in no time. Reducing operational costs with our biometric attendance terminals using the latest ZKTeco technology to harness data from ZKtime software.

You can identify the improvements on your personnel check in times and increase workforce accordingly. This software makes it easy to save time and track employee attendance data to your system. You can also continuously monitor attendance movement check ins and check out information using the access control features inside the software. Reporting, attendance actions are really easy to reach and can be exported from software to your desktop. Its only good when you can see the reporting features by yourself.

Save time using automation and deliver the highest possible solutions to your premises. ZKTeco time attendance 5. Our services are eliminating the need for time consuming personnel tracking. It then converts classic pen and paper techniques to completely digital software based solution.

ZKsoftware is One-Stop Solution for your access control and time attendance personnel tracking needs. Check our latest attendance software. ZKSoftware offers sophisticated biometric data collection from your personnel and transfering these information to attendance data without a problem.

Configure your system in a few minutes and start using it. ZKtime software is pretty useful for time tracking.About Us india zkteco. Product Time Attendance Biometric. Access Control System. Green Label. Video Surveillance. Smart Door Lock. Entrance Control System. Security Inspection. Multi-Purpose Integration. Classified by Industry. Classified by Application. Training Center.

Download Center. After-sales Service. Distributor Service. Security Bulletin. Biometric Technology by BlockChain. Computer Vision Palm Recognition. Fingerprint Recognition. FingerVein Recognition. Near Infrared Facial Recognition.

Visible Light Facial Recognition. ZKTeco Encryption Methodology. In addition, it has interfaces for third party electric lock and exit button. The smart features and sleek design make it unique and highly reliable. Build in battery. USB use for data transmission. Standard access control features. Download K40 Leaflet 0. Related Products D2. About Us. Related Websites. All rights reserved. Legal Statement Privacy Policy Sitemap.

zkteco software download

Fingerprint Capacity. ID Card Capacity. Record Capacity.Antarvis 2.

zkteco attendance managemen system a to z tutorial(Complete) - part1

BioTime 8. VF 0. USC 0. BioPro MH20 0. BioPro SA10 0. BioPro ST30 0. P 0. WL10 3. WL20 2. WL30 2. Biopro MH30 0. MB 0. MB 1. S 0. S 2.

zkteco software download

UA 1. UA 0.

AIO Zkteco Attendance Management Software Download {Latest}

PFace 0. BioPro SA50 0. ZKBioHA 0. G3-H 0. G3 Plus 1. FaceDepot-7A 2.ZKTeco has a wide range of access control and time attendance devices using technologies like face recognition, fingrprint identification and proximity identification. The communicator history will list the times at which the device communicated with the software and the count of punches it has imported.

If the software at some point failed to make a successful connection with the device, it will be specified in the list with a red bubble. The information captured from the ZKTeco devices include the system time, capacity of storage, number of punches in storage, number of users enrolled, the time taken to communicate with the device and so on.

All you have to do is to just pick the type of device and AttendHRM will take care of the rest. Once configured, the software will bring in the punches from the device at intervals specified by the user hence completely automating the attendance process.

Until now, for the attendance of staffs at each location, we used to rely on the reports that each branch heads send to us in the month end.

Welcome to ZKTime.Net.AU by Aussie Time Clocks Pty Ltd

We use this for processing salary in excel. We from the HO have started works to automate the attendance tracking process. Though late, we are at full swing now to complete it at the earliest. As part of testing, we installed ZKTeco biometric fingerprint machines in 5 of our branches. I want all these devices connected to the time attendance software in our HO and attendance logs must be downloaded and reports must be available centralised without any intervention from the branches. Should I press on some Download Data button each time I want to see the reports, as it was in the previous software that I tested.

Will it automatically download data from the devices? There is no need for any manual intervention for this process to take place at anytime.

ZKTeco's statement on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As you may notice in the video provided in the page above, AttendHRM asks the user to specify the import intervals while adding the biometric devices to the software first time. It then follows the user specified time intervals to connect to the devices and read the data.

zkteco software download

This helps user to setup time intervals appropriate for each machine based on the clocking frequency of staffs using the machine. If it is a machine where employees log in and out frequently then the interval between each communication can be kept as one or five minutes.

Time attendance software will communicate with ZKTeco machine every one or five minutes and will update the attendance entries.

If the ZKTeco machine connected is used by staff to mark entry and exit only, which are at least 8 hours apart then you may opt for a larger interval like 4 hour or more. This will be enough to bring in data almost in real time. What reports can I get from the software based on the clock in and out info of employees from the machine?

AttendHRM offers a wide range of customizable reports to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding organization. Below are a few reports listed which are available in AttendHRM: 1. Daily Headcount 2. IN Punches Today 3. OUT Punches Today 4. Yearly Attendance Summary 6. Report on Raw Punches 7. Raw Punch — Shiftwise 8.

Canteen Access 9. Clinic Access. Can we manage all the branches from a single location or do we need to need to install five copies of AttendHRM time attendance software? All ZKTeco devices including uFace are compatible with our time attendance software. We can help you with the device connectivity, when you are ready. Can your software integrate both type of devices?GT App for Android System 9.

ZKiVision V4.

zkteco software download

GT Series Software MA 0. SF 0. SCR 0. FR 0.

Download AttendHRM

GT-SD 0. Multibio 2. Other accessories 0. Protection Box 0. SC 0. Reader 0. EC10 0. Exit Button 0. F18 1. KR Series 4. TF 1. TF 2. TS Series 0. TS 0. BioPro FV30 0.ZKTECO has been closely monitoring the coronavirus COVID pandemic over the past several weeks, the health and well-being of our customers, employees, and communities is our top priority. Our office is fully operational and making shipments to our customers without disruptions.

Our goal is to do everything we can to help you keep your operations up and running and people safe during this unprecedented and evolving situation, in order to proactively help combat the spread of COVID Please follow the link to our guide on how to disinfect biometric readers and timeclocks. ZKTeco, the largest developer and manufacturer of workforce data collection terminals in the world, delivers superior quality hardware, full-featured embedded device software, and a suite of development tools and services that enable our customers and partners to maximize their return on investment.

Our fully-integrated, ISO certified manufacturing facility enables us to manage the entire production process in-house, ensuring product availability and high quality, while driving cost savings for our partners.

Our partners and customers can choose from a versatile line of time clocks and additional features to create the data collection solution that best fits their needs. Cost-effective hardware, reliable software and familiar development tools enable simplified integration for our partners, enabling them to deploy their time and attendance solutions quickly and easily. ZKTeco is at the forefront of workforce management data collection with hardware and software designed to accommodate employee and manager self-service capabilities.

Our Workday Time Tracking customers experience a high return on their investment as a result of our competitive hardware cost, time-saving data collection service and streamlined implementation process.

Use our Platform SDK to develop your own time clock application that supports your specific workforce management solution requirements. Save development time and cost by leveraging our TimeTrack Android application and SDK for easy integration to any workforce management software. Connect your ZKTeco time clock to your cloud-based workforce management application via our reliable and real-time API for bi-directional data transfer.

Leverage ZKServices to help you customize your offering or assist with implementation, integration and training needs. Want to learn how to do more with your workforce management solution? The future of workforce. Complete your Workday Time Tracking implementation with a powerful data collection service. Quality, reliability and flexibility for all your workforce data collection. Our Strengths. Fully Integrated Manufacturing Process Our fully-integrated, ISO certified manufacturing facility enables us to manage the entire production process in-house, ensuring product availability and high quality, while driving cost savings for our partners.

Flexible Product Portfolio Our partners and customers can choose from a versatile line of time clocks and additional features to create the data collection solution that best fits their needs.Register Login.

Product Ranges. Contact Us. Recommended for You. ZKTeco, a renowned global leader in biometric verification technologies, announced today that its biometrics facial recognition terminal SFWP ProFaceX has been recognized as the Winner in the Govies Government Security Awards for its outstanding government security performance in biometrics. The award entries were selected by an independent panel of judges from the security industry selected the top entries in the categories and named them winners using criteria including Features, Innovation, User Friendliness, Interoperability, Quality, Design, Market Opportunity, and Impact in the Security Industry, Technical Advances, and Scalability.

Advanced security and convenience, all on a single affordable platform. Government Security Award for best biometric access control technology. Our next-generation face recognition terminals have been receiving a great deal of attention these days from both customers and industry analysts.

Inthis successful program became known as The Govies. Participation in the program has been as strong as ever this year as government security continues to be an ongoing concern. All rights reserved.


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